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Social Media Addicts Association Meeting

by Rick Upshaw on December 11, 2011

Social Media Addicts Association Meeting

Is this really what we’re coming to in our society today? Think hard! Should you be sitting in one of these chairs?

Behind the scenes filming at a Social Media Addicts Association meeting, with members discussing the problems caused by their addiction in graphic detail. Be warned – this is harrowing viewing, not for the faint-hearted!


The Social Media Guru

by Admin on November 7, 2011

Sit on my Facebook and I’ll whack you up the Twitter. Financially. A lot of people claim that they know this guy. There is no actual social media guru, he’s an amalgam of a hundred different half-assed guru-wannabes I’ve encountered online and in real life. For every quality operator who knows his/her stuff, there seems […]


Social Media Revolution 2010

by Admin on September 14, 2011

At Social Media Energy, we have a five-step process to develop your social media presence. Its not just about having a Facebook fan page or twitter account, but about having a voice within these social media outlets and maintaining a sense of purpose. Its not enough to just do it anymore, but doing it strategically […]

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